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  • “Article Archive · Write for Technorati · RSS Feed · Hottest Blog Posts . Dickssportinggoods In Houston. We celebrated the quints 3rd birthday with a "small" family party----everyone who You can post this "The Dionne Quintuplets" image that's above on your blog/forum”
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  • “An Inspiring Journey with Quints By Surprise. LOS ANGELES ( -- 'Quints By Surprise' is really a surprise ride for the viewers. Watch Dancing with the Stars Season 11. LOS ANGELES ( -- The next release of "Dancing With the Stars" has been announced”
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  • “Remember Ethan and Casey Jones, the Steiner Ranch couple that welcomed quintuplets back in January 2009? The Joneses are now the subject of a new reality show on TLC. "Quints by Surprise" debuts tonight at 9. After the jump, read”
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  • “This is a blog for Jayson Wilkinson farther to the Wilkinson Quints as well as Riley and Kaiya. found a good picture of the Wilkinson Quints. So there we have it. Brad Pitt and the Quints are in the same magazine. posted by”
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  • “City Room Blog - S got a plan.Hopefully adding. Quints Come Out - TIME August 05, 2010, 9:42 amHalloween this year was by far the”
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  • “Quintuplets born to Houston woman | Top Florida Health Insurance BLOG He would just need. Seton Hospital " Blog Archive " AUSTIN MATTERS by Ralph Barrera August 04, 2010, 9:03 pm. Quintuplet Surprise | PopMommy August 04,”
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  • “Keeping up with the Joneses has never been easier! Follow along as we share the fun, the stress, and the craziness of life with one plus quints!”
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  • “Quints by Surprise Hits Television | Quints by Surprise Hits Television - Another reality show 'Quints by Surprise' features Austin family | TV Blog Austin, Texas, television listings, printable Show World grids and program reviews”
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  • I love this show so I thought I might put some episodes up on my channel so that way you guys can see what it is.
  • Quints by Surprise- A Healthy Dinner for Eight Quints by Surprise returns May 9th @ 9pm! | For more, visit htt:// | The quints' parents try hard to re...
  • Quints by Surprise- Turtle or Tortoise? Quints by Surprise returns May 9th @ 10/9c! | For more, visit htt:// | The family makes their first tri...
  • The Jones Quints ♥ just know you're not alone I know I don't vid Eliot, but since she turned 9 on Sunday I just wanna wish her a very happy birthday! I'm absolutely in love with these pics, so I HAD to m...
  • Quints by Surprise- Welcome Home The Joneses return to Austin as their four day trip to Iowa comes to an end.
  • Quints by Surprise- Thanksgiving For more, visit | It's Thanksgiving for the Jones family.
  • Jones Quints || With Anna ( Dedicated to Idil ) Idil, I know your going through a tough time, so I asked Anna yesterday if she wanted to make a collab with me, for you. I hope you like this collab, you nee...
  • Happy 5th Birthday Jones Quints! || "Between the raindrops" I can not believe that these kiddos are 5 already! I remember watching them on their show when they were 2. It seems like just yesterday. Time flies by way t...
  • Jones Family (Quints By Suprise)// My Wish The Jones are one of the many fams I like to watch so i made this.
  • SC Johnson & TLC: Quints by Surprise Wee Beastie writes, produces, and directs imaginative TV promos, commercial spots, and branded entertainment.
  • Quints by Surprise: Turning 2 The Jones Quintuplets are turning two! Ethan and Casey decide to go all out for the special day and scramble to make an outdoor winter wonderland in Texas. W...
  • Jones Quintuplets Reunited At Home After 5 Months All quintuplets born in Dallas now out of hospital Jones Quintuplets Reunited at Home After 5 Months Quintuplets are finally reunited at home.
  • Quints by Surprise- Puppy! Watch Quints by Surprise Mondays @ 10/9c | For more, visit | The Joneses family of 8 get a ...
  • First-time mom gives birth to quintuplets on April 5 Told she'd never be able to conceive a child, Shanna Stickman and her husband got quite a surprise when they found out she was pregnant with quintuplets.
  • Bark 'n Purr on TLC's Quints by Surprise The Jones family brought their new puppy Lilly by the store.
  • Swimming Pool The quints' imagination is running wild! Check out their swimming pool, complete with diving board...good times!!
  • Jones' Quints - All Grown Up! Sorry its late! Just a little something for the quints 5th birthday!
  • 2010.12.28
  • Quints by Surprise- Cleaning House For more, visit To prepare their house for sale, the Joneses have to clean and organize the qui...
  • Quints by Surprise- Baby Date with Ryan Quints by Surprise returns May 9th @ 9pm! | For more, visit htt:// | Ethan takes Baby Ryan on a date ho...
  • love, love, love♥ { Jones Quints } | WITH ANNA | Another collab with the amazing Anna, and this one is longer. I love our collabs. Please subscribe her
  • ►Jones Quints‎|| These Words {For Tiffany} This is dedicated to Tiffany, and a belated birthday present too! This is a kinda remake of hers..Hers came out way better. but here it is. Comments apprecia...
  • Go To Sleep! | Baby Week 2012 Putting the quints to sleep is going to be harder than their parents imagined! For more, visit
  • Quints by Surprise- Bedtime Dancing Watch Quints by Surprise Mondays @ 10/9c | For more, visit | The Jones family shows off the...
  • Quints by Surprise- The Security Cameras Quints by Surprise returns May 9th @ 10/9c! | For more, visit htt:// | Ethan and Casey decided to insta...
  • The Jones Quints || Rainbow ♥ Ah love these little munckins! It was their thirt birthday the other day and i never got to finish this :( I know it sucks but i needed to make them one, enj...
  • Jones quints! Eliot, Lila, Britton, Jack, Brooklyn, Ryan!-3 Love this show on TLC! The parents rock n the kids are so adorable and cute! (sorry for the music I only had default chooses)
  • Quints by Surprise- Breakfast Time Quints by Surprise returns May 9th @ 10/9c! | For more, visit htt:// | Ethan takes on daddy duty and ma...
  • Quints by Surprise- Bounce House! Quints by Surprise returns May 9th @ 10/9c! | For more, visit htt:// | While Casey is out of town, Etha...
  • Quints by Surprise- Sick Babies If having one sick baby is stressful, imagine having six.
  • Jones Party of Five The Jones Quintuplets of Austin, Texas are finally home under one roof! Check them out at!
  • Quints By Surprise Talking About Quints By Surprise On The TLC Channel.
  • I Want a Bike, Daddy! | Quints By Surprise While Ethan thinks he's there to get Eliot a bike, Casey has other plans. More clips! Visit
  • Happy 5th Birthday Jones Quints ♥ Audrey here uploading for Ella because she's really sick! ~ Hope you feel better soon, Ella!! xx Brooklyn, Britton, Jack, Lila, & Ryan... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I c...
  • Doing Gymnastics, Quints-Style | Quints By Surprise The Jones quints are now old enough to observe and participate in gymnastics. More clips! Visit
  • Happy Birthday to the Fab Five!! The Jones Quints turn 4!
  • Quints By Surprise - That's My Parenting Style The Joneses are getting ready to drop Mom and Eliot off at the airport when they realize they forgot a baby upstairs. Airs Mondays at 10|9c only on TLC. http...
  • Quints by Surprise- Ethan's Ski Day Quints by Surprise returns May 9th @ 9pm! | For more, visit htt:// | The family gets a snow hill for th...
  • quints by surprise(not real quints by surprise)eps.1 meet the janusz's well well well as u see this is not the reak show quints by surprise but I made it up hope u like it:D:).
  • Kids Try Spicy Barbecue Sauce | Quints By Surprise Ethan brings dinner and the quints are introduced to spicy barbecue sauce. More clips! Visit